WordCamp 2013 is over!

Thank you to our sponsors, organizers, volunteers, supporters, attendees, and speakers for making this year’s WordCamp Albuquerque amazing! Help us make next year even better by gracing us with your feedback! You’re opinions mean the world to us!

Visit the survey here: http://goo.gl/3aBEkx

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Last Sessions of the Day!

We have Kristelle and her trustee audience doing aerobics before starting her session, Russ is teaching us about “confluction” and Oban is schooling the attendees about hacking. Sounds like we saved the interesting for last! #wcabq

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Afternoon Crash!

Coffee and cookies helped our Attendees survive the 2pm crash after lunch. We’re still going strong with two more tracks to round out the day.


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Melissa J. White’s Session: After Lunch Awesomeness

20130914_132232The Publisher/User Track is helping kick off the afternoon #wcabq sessions. Also going on in the other breakout rooms are:

DNS and Website Migration, Mark Costlow, Southwest Cyberport

Avoiding Scope Creep by Writing a Proper Statement of Work, Suzette Franck, Media Temple


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The Panel, Panelist, and Panel-ees?

Basically, everyone is in the Discussion Panel Room. Get in on the talk about Developer Diversity. #wcabq

Did he just say that?! Yep, Mark Casias is in the mix!

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Happiness Bar!

It’s not THAT kind of “happy hour” but it sure does bring our Attendees some happiness! Bring your WordPress problems or questions and our Happiness Engineers will help work through your WordPress issues, one-on-one. This kind of assistance is priceless!

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Lunch Break

Lunch break for #wcabq happened outside in Civic Plaza downtown outside of the Albuquerque Convention Center. Yes, we did catch a break with NO rain, NO hot sun, and lots of Baggins’ gourmet sandwiches to eat.

Thank you to our Attendees for being the coolest geeks around and taking an outdoors, fresh air lunch break!

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Are You Ready For Lunch?!

Amongst the keyboard typing noise, we hear some stomachs growling.

While we prep lunchtime, post your photos of #wcabq to our twitter and facebook pages to let everyone know you are rockin’ WordCamp at the Albuquerque Convention Center!

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Ray’s Got a Full House in the Designer Session!


As a designer, there is a lot you can do to customize the look and feel of WordPress themes. But to really customize a website so it suits the needs of the site owner and site visitors often requires customizing some code: really it’s just an extension of the design process. We’ll look at some common situations that a designer/developer (aka “coder lite”) should be able to customize. More oriented toward business sites (WordPress as CMS), as opposed to blogs.



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Poll Daddy Questions? We have an Automattician on deck!

Nick Hamze will be shmoozing around WordCamp today. If you have specific questions about PollDaddy, he’s your man. Introduce yourself before you stalk him down for answers! Don’t know about PollDaddy and how it can help your site? DEFINITELY ask some questions!

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